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We want to educate people about the power of chiropractic and empower them to live longer, healthier lives.

Spinal Corrective Process Homecare Certification Spinal Corrective Process Homecare Certification
Certifies completion of the MaxLiving Spinal Corrective Process for Homecare protocols; qualified in examining and prescribing homecare treatment, including traction, isometrics, body weighting for safe and effective spinal molding practices.

Nutrition Certification Nutrition Certification
Certifies completion of training on the MaxLiving Nutrition Plan; qualified to counsel patients on dietary and nutrient intake and provide other nutritional strategies to maintaining and improving their health.

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About this maxliving clinic

At Twin City Health, we exist so that people experience hope, health, and wholeness. Every story of life-change is what inspires us to continue helping as many people as possible. Our goal is to find the underlying cause of health issues to help the body heal itself naturally instead of simply covering up symptoms. Our hope is to empower, encourage, and educate each person to take steps toward a healthier and more fulfilled life.
Twin City Health

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About Us

Dr. Tom and Marissa Nixon have the honor and privilege of owning Twin City Health. Dr. Nixon was inspired to become a chiropractor after watching his Dad, through a natural route, reverse his diabetes, heart disease, and come off all his medication. Marissa, originally a huge chiropractic skeptic, underwent quite the change of heart after experiencing relief from almost a lifetime of terrible migraines. Together, they are incredibly grateful for the natural health knowledge they've acquired for themselves (and their son, Lincoln!) and are passionate about sharing that knowledge with other families.

Originally from Ormond Beach, Florida, (fun fact: they've been together since high school) they moved to Winston in 2012 and have loved this city since. Their dream is to see the Triad become as healthy as possible by encouraging others they are worth the practice of taking care of themselves.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic looks to the cause. Misalignments in the spine not only may cause pain but also can impact function. The effects of the misalignments range from acid reflux, allergies, digestive issues, headaches, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, pain, and even infertility (see chart).

The purpose of chiropractic is to remove misalignments through specific and gentle adjustments to allow the body to heal itself.

What We Value

  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Finding the cause.
  • The design of the human body. It is created to heal.
  • A holistic approach to health. Studies have proven it over and over: nutrition, exercise, toxins, and mindset matter.
  • Love and hospitality. May every person feel seen and cared for when they walk in our doors.
  • Celebrating stories. It’s why we love what we do.

Pediatric Care

Pediatric chiropractic adjustments are gentle, noninvasive, and safe. Newborns and children in our health center have experienced amazing results with ear infections, acid reflux, allergies, digestive issues, asthma, headaches, and more. Adjusting babies from birth ensures any misalignments that took place during childbirth are addressed, allowing the body to function as its designed from the beginning. Our "Lion's Den" is a room specifically for families to get adjusted and get well together. We hope to teach kids to be strong, brave, and courageous like lions!

Prenatal Care

Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy not only help with pain relief but also can help ensure a safe pregnancy, a more pleasant labor, and healthier birth. Benefits of prenatal adjustments include:

  • Ease of pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, nausea, pubic bone pain, and sciatica.
  • Heightened immune system for both mom and baby to allow the body to heal itself.
  • Better positioning of baby for delivery. When mom's spine and hips are out of alignment, the baby can end up sideways, breech, or posterior, none of which are ideal for birth.
  • Shortened Delivery. With an ideal position of the baby and the proper alignment of mom's skeletal structure, chiropractic can help decrease the duration of labor.
  • Postpartum healing. Misalignments can occur during labor, from breastfeeding posture, bottle feeding, and carrying new little ones. Adjustments can help align the spine to give the body the best opportunity to heal itself.

Discover the 5 Essentials

The 5 Essentials is a natural and effective way to align your health. By integrating chiropractic care with our four other powerful essentials —mindset, pure and simple nutrition, exercise, and minimizing toxins — MaxLiving gives you the tools you need for good health and longevity.

Core Chiropractic

The proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction is central to chiropractic care.

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Nutrition goes beyond weight loss — a healthy diet focused on natural foods improves your body's composition and muscle-to-fat ratio, helping you achieve better health overall to last a lifetime.

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A healthy body starts with the right mindset. We believe a healthy lifestyle supports nutrients for optimal brain function, stress management, and good sleep patterns.

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Oxygen & Exercise

Exercise helps your body increase oxygen levels and lean muscle, helping reduce fat and improve performance while increasing your ability to fight stress, anxiety, and other illnesses.

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Minimize Toxins

Minimize Toxins: Harmful chemicals surround us every day in our lives — our program supports the body's natural ability to cleanse itself, resulting in long-lasting positive effects.

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Doctor's Blog

Hear from our leading experts on the topics of health, nutrition, and optimization.

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