The Detox Project

Winston Salem, NC

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The Detox Project | Cleanse your body, clear your mind

Toxins. They’re in the air you breathe, the pesticides in your neighbor’s lawn, in baby shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, make up, home cleaning products, food, and the list goes on. Your body is designed to detoxify constantly, but in today’s modern society, the daily toxic bombardment is wreaking havoc on our health. Join us for 3 empowering hours to learn how to naturally increase your ability to detox and minimize your daily toxic exposure.

Learn how to overcome toxic overload that can cause headaches, fatigue, skin problems, belly fat, mood swings, and more

Learn what toxins you don’t want in your vitamins, food, or in your home

Discover the top detoxifying foods to cleanse your body and clear your mind

Leave understanding what it means to “detox” and a step by step guide to do so naturally

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Awake Church

7840 N. Point Blvd

Winston Salem, NC

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